Our Solutions


We supply and install a wide range of speakers for a wide range of uses.

Ceiling Speakers

These are typically used for background music in a variety of rooms.  There are a wide range of options, including Visual performance speakers and Architectural Series units.

Plastered In Ceiling Speakers

These are a form of ceiling speaker but they are plastered and painted over, which makes them completely invisible. They do lack a little bass and hence we would normally suggest using these alongside a sub-woofer. Click here for more information.

Single Stereo Speakers

These look like normal ceiling speakers but they only require one speaker for left and right. Normally used in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms.


This is a set of outdoor speakers. A subwoofer is burried in the ground with an above ground sound vent. Eight satellite speakers are then spread around the garden. Click here for further information.

[Published 02.06.14]