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Projectors and Screens

The the true cinematic experience, nothing beats the big screen. Traditional cinema screens are used where you wish to watch a movie on a display bigger that 65”, although large LCD screens of 8-” and larger are becoming more popular.

The downside on a projector screen is that they do require a dark room. This is because as the screen is designed to reflact light from a projector, rather than emit light like a TV, they are suceptable to stray light coming in from windows or doors. Also they either need a fixed screen, which can take up most of a wall, or a ceiling mounted enclosure and mechanism for retracting it when not in use.

There are some screens which can back up very neaqtly when not in use, such as the Design Screen which folds up and is disguised as a picture.

As a result of this, most cinemas tend to be in dedicated rooms.


[Published 01.04.14]