Our Solutions


Ruckus Wireless

The success of any home technology solution is based around the infrastructure that it is built on. The ability to stream audio, video and data around a building, quickly and without interference is key.

Wired Networks

We will use wireless networks where appropriate but we, as a rule, will always recommend a hardwired solution wherever physically possible because of the increased speed and robustness. We setup VLANS to keep high bandwith devices from clogging up your network and VPNs to allow our engineers to remotely manage and update your systems.

Wireless Networks

Whist the key components in the network will be hard wired, controls, such as iPads and iPhones remain wireless. We provide high-end, managed wireless networks, which allow you have a single SSID (Network name) and password but be able to roam around a property, connecting and disconnecting for different accesspoints, without interuption. Should an access point fail, we get remotely notified and the network self adjusts to make up for the missing access point.

The network needs to be able to support the levels of activity today but also be able to cope with the demands of new technologies as they come on stream e.g. HDTV, VoIP, Broadband, Multiroom audio/video. Redundancy and capacity needs to be designed in at the beginning of the project.

Our networks are built around industry standard protocols and managed using hardware from the leading manufacturers, including Ruckus, Pakedge, Cisco Draytek and Netgear.


[Published 01.10.12]