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Multiroom AV & HiFi

Multiroom audio allows you to listen to your favourite music or radio anywhere in your home. Whether you have MP3, DAB, Internet Radio, CD, Music cassette or vinyl, a Multiroom audio solution will allow you to listen to any source in any room at any time.

Discreet wall or ceiling speakers and amplifiers, in conjunction with local control interfaces removes the need for installing unsightly equipment in every room. We can provide Solutions that will allow easy control of your music in every room from basic local volume control to source and zone control. Whether you want to have the same source in every room for entertaining or different sources in every room depending on the diverse tastes of your family we have the solution for you.

Media servers allow you to share audio, video, photographs and data files to every room in the house and reduce the need to install expensive and unsightly hardware in every room.

Multiroom Music

[Published 12.09.12]