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Linn music systems can transform the way you listen to music at home. Choose from one of our pre-configured systems, or build the hi-fi of your dreams from the ground up — that’s the flexibility of the Linn modular approach. We have a complete range of individual hi-fi components so you can customise and mix and match to your heart’s content — find the perfect combination for your home.

We now have a deicated Linn Studio, offering all the latest Linn products.  Contact Us to book a demonstration and see what Linn has to offer. Alternatively, why not have a look at our online shop?


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Alternatively, why not book a seat in one of our Linn Lounge events? These are evenings listening to 24 bit Studio Master quality recordings of some of the best artists. Come in an enjoy the evening.

For details on Linn Lounge Events and to sign up, please click here.


[Published 14.08.13]