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Lighting control

LutronLight can be the most crucial factor in the interior design of a home yet it is frequently overlooked. Good lighting changes the perceptions of light and space, enhancing features, and creating moods.

Control systems, networking and infrastructure can be simple or sophisticated but do need to be considered right from the beginning of the project. Programmed lighting controllers can create multiple moods at the touch of a button and with the use of dimmers and colour can change the function and feel of any space.

Why leave the bathroom light on all night, in case the kids wake up when you could have sensors detect them walking down the landing and turn the lights on at a low level instead? The lights can then automatically turn off a few minutes later. How about turning off the children’s night light automatically at dawn? Steps like this saves energy and therefore reduces the houses overall carbon foot print, as well as lowing energy bills.

We work with Lighting Designers and industry leading vendors including Crestron,  Lutron, Control4 and Rako to create schemes to enhance and transform your home.


LIghting Solutions

[Published 01.12.12]