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Home Control and Automation

We provides a range of automation and control solutions, from simple AV solutions to fully integrated building management control systems. When you leave the house, press one button to set your alarm, turn off all the lights and lower the set point on your central heating. Or log into your system remotely using your iPad and check you set the alarm, why not have a look at your CCTV cameras to see if you left the backl door open?


This is not geek technology for the sake of technology, it well designed and installed solutions aimed at helping you to enjoy your home. We will ensure it meets your needs and that it is intuative and easy to use.

We offer systems from Control4, Crestron, Home Automation Inc (HAI), and Savant.  Each of these systems offers different functionality, price points and capabilities. Please click on the logos to see information about these products.


Crestron Crestron Crestron Crestron



[Published 01.02.10]