Decorex 2016

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Decorex International 2016. For those who were not there, we showcased a number of products:

Short Throw Projector and fixed screen

The Projector was 12 inches out and 12 inches below the bottom of a fixed projecor screen, as you can see below. This allows a projector to be used in rooms which may not be suited to a traditional  solution.

Rako Controls and Orluna Lights

We showed Orluna’s fantastic LED downlights being controlled through a Rako lighting system, using traditional light switches.

Loewe OLED

The new OLED TVs have just arrived and they are fabulous! Just 7mm thick, these 65” screens not only have the best picture available but with 120W of amplification, they sound great too.


Accoustic Wall Panels

We showed a range of accoustic wall panels, which are used to enhance the sound in a home cinema by reducing reflections and eliminating audio flat spots.


Cinema Seating

The also demonstrated the latest custom built home cinema seating solutions. With options such as single or double seat, colours, materials, motoriozation, lighting and storage, there is a wealth of features to choose from. 


For further information, why not contact us or download our Decorex 2016 news letter.


Once again, thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing to in Kensington or next year at Decorex International 2017.

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