We offer a wide range of telephone solutions. So what do you choose?

You first of all need to work out how many lines you require. One line will allow a single call in or out, so if you wish to have multiple calls at the same time, you will need multiple lines.

The next question is whether you require a PABX. If you are getting multiple lines and you do not want to have different handsets for different lines, you will need a PABX. Analogue telephone lines support 4 ringing handsets (REN4). That means you can only have 4 handsets which ring, unless they are powered separately. A PABX allows you to have multiple lines, all answered from any phone (we can set certain handsets to only make and receive calls from/to certain lines). You can also integrate with door entry solutions as well as have voicemail boxes to record messages from callers when you are out. 

Analogue or IP
It is now possible to have telephone calls run over the internet, using VOIP (Voice Over Internet protocol). You will generally need at least one analogue telephone line connected to the exchange. This is primarily so you can get ADSL broadband, although there are other solutions such as Satellite broadband available. The advantages of VOIP calls are:

  • Cheaper - line rental costs are cheaper
  • Flexible - we can add additional lines, should you require them, without even visiting the property
  • Multiple Numbers - you may need just 2 lines but you may also wish to have multiple phone numbers (work, Mum, children, housekeeper etc)

Wired or Wireless handsets

There are a wide range of telephones available. Many people now opt for cordless DECT handsets. These work well with systems with no PABX. However, they do all require to be within range of a central base station and you have a maximum of 6 DECT handsets per base station. If you have a PABX and DECT handsets, you can have as many as you like.

Call Packages
As well as organising the hardware, we can also supply and manage the billing side of things too. We can arrange to have analogue or VOIP lines installed and we can put together a package of included minutes, so you can manage the cost of your calls.