Rako Lighting     

Rako produces a range or wired and wireless lighting solutions for either new or retrofit projects.

There range of wireless in-line dimmers are designed to fit through halogen light fitting holes, allowing them to be added to exisiting circuits, with minimal disruption.

There range of battery operated wireless keypads, allows control from any location with a home, without needing to run any wireles. This is both convenient and also very cost effective as there is no requirement to run any new cables.

Wireless Dimmer Wireless Keypad

For larger projects where cables are being run, Rako also have a range of four channel dimming racks. These can be centrally located in a plant room or similar location. The wired keypads communicate using a single CAT 5 and offer LED feed backa and great programming options than the wireless varieties.

Wired keypad 4 channel dimming RAK 

A bridge can also be installed, allowing the lights to be controlled over your home’s network, either using a Control system, such as Control4 and Crestron or directly using an phone or tablet.

Rako Bridge iPad Control