Orluna LED Lights     

Orluna are one of UK’s leading manufacturers of LED downlights with over 80% of top lighting designers specifying their products.

They choose Orluna because our LEDs are perfect for hotel, restaurant and domestic interiors, they’re delightfully discreet (with an inconspicuous 50mm aperture), their colour is utterly consistent (up to four times that of competitor CREE products) and they fit our entire range of beautifully designed bezels.

As if that wasn’t enough, the modular nature of our products means “everything works with everything else”, an approach that takes the stress out of specifying and means an end to frustrating incompatibilities.

There’s also the magical effect our LEDs produce. The combination of our prismatic lens and unique patented mixing chamber creates a sparkle similar to the magic of dichroic light; colours - especially reds - appear richer, while reflective surfaces become radiant.

Here are a selection of the available lights:

  Detail Look  
Uplight   Uplight


 Downlod the Orluna brochure here: