Maintenance Contracts     

Ongoing Maintenance

The warranty for all hardware on your project is the manufacturer’s standard warranty. Different items will have different warranty periods as they will have been installed at different times and becuase manufacturers offer different periods from one to five years. The labour and infrastructure on the job is covered by our standard 12 month warranty, from Practical completion of the project. 

After the 12 months standard warranty period has ended, we would have a standard callout rate of £120+vat plus £60+vat per hour for additional hours. If we are set up a maintenance package, we would have set maintenance visits, which would be prepaid at lower rates, with a typical response time of next business day and reduced rates for ad hoc incidents. Depending ton the complexity of the project, we would normally recommend two to four visits per year. During these visits, we would: 

1. Update all hardware software and firmware, test all systems to ensure it is operating correctly

2. Check TV lift mechanism is operating correctly, check bolts, fixings, lubricate mechanism if required

3. Check all wires and connections in rooms  and the rack to ensure wiring is tidy and there is no wear or damage

4. Air dust and generally clean rack to ensure fans are operating correctly

   5. Do any minor programming updates which can be achieved during the visit


Whilst these visits would be during prearranged periods, we would contact you a few days prior to the visit to check if there were any issues which required attention and we could let you be aware of any upgrades or additional options which could be added or installed as part of this fee. If you are under a 12 moth support contract and issues occur outside of a scheduled visit, a charge would be made. These would be: 

£60+vat callout

£40+vat additional hours

Maximum day rate is £360+vat 

Control4 have a service, which we include for the first 12 months, called 4Sight. This allows us to connect to the system remotely and make changes remotely. The current 4Sight license has expired. Renewing this costs £120+vat per annum.

We also have an additional remote monitoring service which continuously monitors all the systems and emails us if anything fairs or errors are reported. This costs £250 for the monitoring hardware and then an annual contract of £350pa. For this we use a system called Ihiji:

With this service, we generally spot issues before you do, and we can contact you to arrange a visit to rectify. 

The schedules maintenance callouts would typically take 8 man hours and we would charge these at £400+vat per visit.  

Emergency out of hours callout rates are £150+vat for the first hour and £80 per hour after that. We are unable to make any guarantees on availability of engineers and these rates will only occur if we can source an engineer. Out of hours is 9am-6pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays. 

Typical Cost Summary**:

 2 annual maintenance visits @£400per visit:     £800

4Sight remote managenment :    £120

iHiji App 500*:    £250

ihiji annual monitoring:   £350

Total: £1,520

VAT: £304

TOTAL: £1824


* The App 500 is a hardware device and therefore is a one off cost.

** the required number of visits and services performed during these will vary from job to job so the costs shown are an indication only. A quote will be provided for your approval before starting any maintenance agreement.