Control4 Details     

Home Automation Basics

Control4 offers the ultimate smart home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security—even smartphones and tablets—Control4 creates personalized experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

What Can Control4 Do?

Control4 is a complete suite of Home Technology tools. It can act as a single universal remote control. So pressing Watch Sky will raise the TV out of a cabinet, turn the TV on, turn the Sky satellite Receiver on, turn the surround sound receiver on, select the correct inputs on the TV and receiver. If you have a lighting system integrated into the system, it can then dim the lights ready to watch a movie.

Control4 Remote

But if you are watching a movie, the Kitchen, Hallway, Study and dining room lights do not need to be on full, so the system can turn these down as well.

How about remote heating control? With a Control 4 or heatmiser Thermostat fitted, and a 4Sight remote access subscription, you can control your home from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Check your CCTV cameras whilst away or turn the heating back up the day before you return from holiday. 

View your CCTV whilst away from home:


Remote Automation


Click below to watch a short video to show you what Control4 has to offer: