Aerial and Satellite Distribution     

Our inhouse satellite and aerial specialist has over twenty years experience. Whether you just need a single Sky receiver and freeview or multiple motorised satellite feeds with a complex distribution network, we have slutions for you.

Digital Modulation

DO you have an existing aerial network and wish to distribute HD content around the building? Why not install an HD Modulator? This encodes single or multiple HD feeds from Sky receivers, BluRay players etc, and sends them around the property over the freeview system. Once all the TVs have been tuned, you can then select a channel for each source on any of the TVs.


With a Satellite multi switch and a run of two cables to every room in the house, you can add a Sky receiver to any room in future. As part of our service, we will look at your floor plans and help work out which cables need to be run to which rooms to help make your house Future Ready.


Aerial Distribution


 General Callouts

If you have general aerial work which you would us to undertake on a general callout basis, as opposed to a quoted project, we can send our engineers out, subject to our standard callout rates.