How Do I get non UK satellite services in London

Whilst Sky TV provides the most popular satellite service for UK customers, there are also a range of other satellite services available from a variety of broadcasters. With a single dish, you can pick up a wide variety of Engligh and non English language channels. With a motorised dish you can pick up multiple satellites from a single dish.

We have our own in house aerial / satellite engineer, who has over 20 years of experience in this field. Please Contact Us for more information.

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How can I hide speakers so I can have music without spoiling the look of my room?

We have ranges of invisible ceiling and wall speakers which are installed and then plastered over to allow you to have music without speakers on show.

Contact Us to find out how we can help.

[Published 03.04.13]   

Can LED Lights be dimmed?

LEDs are generally around five times more energy efficient that incandescent lamps. However, they have been criticised for poor light quality and a tendancy to flicker when dimmed (if they are even dimmable).

We have a range of LED light fittings and LED bulbs which address both these issues. Please Contact Us for more information.

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I want to listen to music outside without turning up the volume in the house and flinging open the windows. How do I fix up outs

These days, more of us look at our garden as an extension of our living space, and apply the same standards to fitting it out as we would to the living room. That goes for music, too.

Bowers & Wilkins has a range of weatherproof external speakers that provide great performance, starting at £199 a pair. They come with wall brackets and need to be fixed to a surface. For £400 a pair, you could invest in fibreglass Outback Rock speakers, which look like stones and will blend into your borders.

When installing external speakers, use external-grade cable where possible. If you bury the cables, make sure that they won’t be damaged by digging or pruning. Wireless speakers avoid this problem. Vivanco has splash-proof – but not waterproof – external speakers, which run on batteries, for £150 a pair.

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Decorex 2017

At Decorex 2017 we have been showcasing the fabulous 100" Sony Bravia 4K TV, with Revel speakers and accoustic paneling. We also have two single and one double Cinema seat so you can experience the comfort for yourself.

Joining us on the stand this year is Doug from Spanlite, the manufctrurers of the stunning back lit glass and marble panels we have on show.

Come and see us at Syon park 17-20 Sept 2017 on stand F27 to see these wonderfull products.


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We've Moved!

Having spent 5 years at our shop in Kensington High Street, we have taken the decision to close our retail outlet and focus on the custom installation side of the business.

We remain both Loewe and Linn dealers and we can still deal with warranty work and repairs, as well as supplyt these products. Please contact us if you would like to come and visit us.

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Decorex 2016

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Decorex International 2016. For those who were not there, we showcased a number of products:

Short Throw Projector and fixed screen

The Projector was 12 inches out and 12 inches below the bottom of a fixed projecor screen, as you can see below. This allows a projector to be used in rooms which may not be suited to a traditional  solution.

Rako Controls and Orluna Lights

We showed Orluna's fantastic LED downlights being controlled through a Rako lighting system, using traditional light switches.

Loewe OLED

The new OLED TVs have just arrived and they are fabulous! Just 7mm thick, these 65" screens not only have the best picture available but with 120W of amplification, they sound great too.


Accoustic Wall Panels

We showed a range of accoustic wall panels, which are used to enhance the sound in a home cinema by reducing reflections and eliminating audio flat spots.


Cinema Seating

The also demonstrated the latest custom built home cinema seating solutions. With options such as single or double seat, colours, materials, motoriozation, lighting and storage, there is a wealth of features to choose from. 


For further information, why not contact us or download our Decorex 2016 news letter.


Once again, thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing to in Kensington or next year at Decorex International 2017.

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New Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 6s

Apple Computer have announced new Apple TV, iPad Pro and iPhone 6s.

Apple TV
Finally after numerous rumors and a long wait, Apple have updated the Apple TV. This is a bit bigger than the exisiting model and is now controlled with both voice and touch, using the new remote.

The remote has a glass touch surface, allowing you to make swiping gestures to control it, and a microphone to enable Siri based voice control. 

Missed a line of dialogue in a movie? Simple, press the Siri button and say:

"What did she say?"

The Apple TV will backup 15 seconds, replay the scene and add subtitles.

The App Store will have Apps available, just like the ones for iPad and iPhone. You can even start using an App on your iPad and then switch to the Apple TV, for a full screen experience.

Available at the end of October, the Apple TV will be on sale as either 32Gb or 64Gb for £149or £169 .


iPhone 6s and 6s proUp to 70% faster and available in more colours, iPhone has just got better once again! It even has a new camera which will ecord 4K video and 12MP photographs.


iPad ProThis a new 12.9" design. It is available with a Smart Keyboard which doubles as a cover when not in use and the new Apple Pencil for the more creative types! Similar in size to the screen on a Mac Book Air, 

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Together For Cinema - The story behind KHT charity cinema work

Together for Cinema is a charity which wwas launched in 2009, with the aim of completing 25 cinema installations in children's hospices, by 2020. Six years on, they are well on there way, having completed 13. 2 of these have been done by Kensington Home Technology and a third is about to start at Naomi House, Winchester.

In the Spring edition of Cedia Communicates, the trade mangazine for the AV industry, Ian Morrish founder of Together for Cinema, provides an update on the charity. You can read the full article by clicking here.

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KHT Donate Cinema to Children's Hospice

In 2014, Kensington Home Technology completed a Cinema for the Helen and Douglas Children's hospice in Oxford. Not only is this a fabulous facility for them, but it was all donated free of charge, through a combination of labour and experteese from Kensington and the equipment from a range of manufacturers and suppliers, including Crestron, Velodyne, Kaleidescape, Epson, Monitor Audio and Humax.

For the full story, please see the article in CE-Pro  magazine.

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